Accounting & Finance

China's financial system plays a critical role in global financial policy as the country has become the world's second largest economy. To be in China completing an internship in accounting and finance today is to be part of history in the making and acquire experience like none other.

Accounting Assistant

  • Complete monthly variation analysis
  • Manage budgets
  • Gather financial information in order to create both internal and external reports
  • Document new and existing policies and procedures
  • Oversee newly assigned projects and other duties
  • Assist with distribution of salaries, account and individual income tax declarations and returns
  • Help collect and archive business information files
  • Collect information on upcoming taxation rules and regulations

Credit Rating/Risk Assessment Intern

Credit Assessment
  • Support the operations of overseas branches
  • External liaison with overseas credit rating agencies and other international organizations
  • Conduct relevant research, such as analysis on international rating regulations, rating methodologies, etc.
  • Assist with administrative and other support work as required

Assistant Financial Analyst/Consultant

Financial Consultant
  • Assist with general financial analysis for a variety of marketing departments
  • Help develop new capabilities to improve the processes of and efficiency in developing the appropriate financial methods of evaluating and measuring marketing performance applied by financial report teams
  • Accompany general manager for business tours to other cities
  • Assist with the project manager to negotiate with clients
  • Help make corrections for the marketing analysis and evaluation reports

Banking Internship

Chinese Currency
  • Assist with the preparation and filing of client’s documentation as well as support daily client inquiries as needed
  • Help prepare notification letters and send out to clients for the outstanding items
  • Receive client’s identification documents via courier/mail
  • Help confirm clients’ master numbers and make records in a tracking sheet
  • Scan documents and files to the designated folder
  • Work with team leader to ensure that the required documents are collected on time

Public Accountant

  • Perform auditing duties
  • Help evaluate a client’s internal control over financial accounting
  • Utilize the latest accounting practices on assigned tasks and projects
  • Cultivate a close relationship with international clients
  • Adhere to company policy and professional standards and ethics