Art & Culture

Chinese culture is one of the world's oldest cultures. Customs and traditions varying greatly between provinces, cities, and even towns. Reflected in the art scene, this cultural variety has influenced fine art and performance art for centuries with great value being placed on porcelain, painting and paper crafts.

Art Gallery Assistant

  • Greet and assist visitors at the gallery
  • Assist with preparations for gallery exhibitions, including taking down and sorting out the works from prior exhibitions, sorting new artworks for display, assisting with the artworks currently on display, cleaning the gallery and other preparation tasks as requested
  • Learn how to handle sales and answer questions about the gallery and its artworks
  • Assist with sponsorship solicitations
  • Work with the gallery coordinator for all graphic design needs within the gallery including sinage, graphic displays, advertisements and special event invitations
  • Help distribute press releases for gallery exhibitions
  • Work with the vendors/staff to set prices for products that are for sale in the gallery
  • Perform other duties in support of the gallery as requested

Creative Artist Assistant

  • Help develop a variety of apps on iPhone and Android platforms
  • Assist with idea generation and creative brain storming
  • Learn to stay ahead with the change in technology
  • Help coordinate and communicate with the client on time
  • Assist with creating character profiles
  • Practice using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop along with other 2D and 3D animation software

Interior Design Internship

Real Estate
  • Learn how to consult with clients to determine needs, preferences, safety requirements and purpose of space
  • Participate in developing detailed plans and 3D models showing arrangements of walls, dividers, displays, lighting and other fixtures using computer-assisted design (CAD) software and graphics software
  • Help develop plans, elevations, cross sections and detailed drawings, and advise on selection of colours, finishes and materials, floor and wall coverings, window treatments, interior and exterior lighting, furniture and other items, taking into account ergonomic and occupational health standards
  • Learn to estimate costs and materials required and may help to advise on leasing, real estate and marketing
  • Help prepare plans and specifications for the final interior designs in accordance with current practices and codes
  • May travel to worksite to help direct work crews and subcontractors

Architectural Assistant

  • Help collect and design original materials, make sure that the entire design bases are complete and correct
  • Work with the chief designer to coordinate ideas and mediate between teams
  • Learn how to use new technology and design methods to make designs that are economically reasonable and suitable
  • Assist with reviewing designs to ensure that they were completed to design standards and make modifications according to quality control experts
  • Learn to prepare and present design material within a set time frame, meeting deadlines with accurate designs
  • Help with project planning