Journalism & Media

In spite of heavy government monitoring, Chinese media has become increasingly commercialized, with growing competition, diversified content, and an increase in investigative reporting. Areas such as sports, finance, and an increasingly lucrative entertainment industry have all received substantial media attention both from traditional media and online.

Social Media Intern

China Newspaper
  • Assist with actively building brand presence across a variety of media outlets
  • Help brainstorm blog topics, research article and write posts
  • Learn to create videos for social media and other websites
  • Analyze rates of social media interaction through the website and other media platforms
  • Help engage with the audience by responding to comments, posts, questions, e-mails and other messages

Editing Assistant

China Newspaper
  • Help ensuring that all summaries and reports contain correct grammar and spelling
  • Learn how to balance the conflicting demands of speed and quality
  • Learn to evaluate the suitability of manuscripts, articles, news copy and wire service dispatches for publication, broadcast or electronic media
  • Recommend changes to content, style and organization of material
  • Help read and edit copy to be published or broadcast to detect and correct errors in spelling, grammar and syntax, and shorten and lengthen copy as space or time requires
  • Collaborate with authors, staff writers, reporters and other regarding revisions to copy
  • Help plan and implement layout or format of copy according to space to time allocations and significance of copy
  • Assist with writing or preparing introductions, marketing and promotional materials, bibliographic references, indexes and other text

Television Media Presenter

CCTV Building
  • Help work on various ongoing television shows
  • Help provide editorial insight/creative development input
  • Assist with providing supporting materials for the production of sizzle reels, promos and other short form content
  • Chance to act as hot/hostess/master of ceremonies in order to introduce and interview guests and conduct proceedings of shows or programs
  • Help selection and introduce music, videos and other entertainment material for broadcast, and make commercial and public service announcements