Arts, Culture, & Sports

Mexican culture reflects the country's complex history through a blending of the indigenous people and Spanish colonists. With post-revolutionary influences, the people of Mexico enjoy a dynamic art scene that includes expressionist artists, Mexican films from the 1940's Golden Age, and music that ranges in styles from pop and rock to Mariachi music. The city of Guadalajara alone has over 22 different museums and is the cultural centre of Mexico, home to a number of distinguished poets, writers, painters and film directors such as Felipe Cazals, Gael García Bernal and José Clemente Orozco. The country has also proudly hosted the FIFA World Cup for football (soccer) twice and regularly participates in other sports such as baseball, professional boxing, golf and bullfighting.


  • Consult with clients to determine type, style and purpose of renovations or new building construction being considered
  • Become familiar with building design concepts and plans describing design specifications, building materials, costs and construction schedules
  • Help prepare sketches and models for clients
  • Observe the preparation of drawings, specifications and other construction documents for use by contractors and tradespersons
  • Prepare bidding documents, participate in contract negotiations and award construction contracts
  • Help monitor activities on construction sites to ensure compliance with specifications
  • Conduct feasibility studies and financial analyses of building projects
  • Architects may specialize in a particular type of construction such as residential, commercial, industrial or institutional.

Art and Sculpture

  • Painters create drawings, paintings and other artwork using oils, pastels, watercolours, charcoal, ink and other media.
  • Sculptors create sculptures, statues and other three-dimensional artwork by shaping, carving and working with materials such as clay, ice, paper, stone, wood or metal.
  • Art instructors and teachers teach students the techniques and methods of drawing, painting, sculpting and other forms of artistic expression

Artisans and Craftsperson

  • Carvers learn to use hand tools and woodworking machines to produce carvings from wood, stone and other materials and to carve ornamental designs into wooden furniture and other objects.
  • Glass blowers help design and create glass objects using blowpipes and artisan's hand tools and equipment.
  • Metal arts workers help design metal jewellery, utensils, implements, wall hangings and other objects and create them from gold, silver, copper, pewter and other metals.
  • Potters learn to design ornamental and ceramic functional earthenware pieces and create them using clay, moulds, potter's wheels and other equipment, glazing materials and kilns.
  • Stained glass artists help design stained glass windows, lampshades and other objects and cut, paint, fire and assemble pieces of stained glass to create such products.
  • Instrument makers become familiar with how to construct instruments applying their knowledge of wood, ebonite, metal properties and other materials and instrument design using hand and power tools.
  • Weavers use hands or loom to interlace strips of flexible material such as wool, cotton, silk, grasses, bark and rawhide to make baskets, wreaths, wall hangings, clothing, rugs, blankets and other objects.
  • Craft instructors learn how to prepare craftmaking lessons, gather the required working materials and demonstrate and teach craftmaking techniques.
  • Artistic floral arrangers design bouquets, corsages, sprays, wreaths and other floral arrangements and select natural and artificial flowers, foliage and decorative accessories to create arrangements or other floral items to suit customers' requirements.

Dance Studio


Dancers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Practise and rehearse dance routines under direction or instruction to achieve desired interpretation and presentation
  • Perform dances as soloists or as members of groups before live audiences or for film or television
  • Train and exercise to maintain the required levels of ability and fitness
  • May choreograph their own performances

Assistant Dance Teachers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Observe the teaching of dance technique and artistic interpretation to amateur and professional individuals and groups
  • Help teach the techniques, cultural origins and symbolic meanings of aboriginal, ethnic and folkloric dances
  • Become familiar with how to teach recreational dance lessons such as ballroom dancing
  • Help prepare dance students for specific auditions and performances
  • Dancers may specialize in specific types of dance such as ballet, ballroom, folk, jazz or modern.


  • Estheticians give facial and other body treatments using specialized products and techniques.
  • Cosmeticians advise customers on the use of make-up and other beauty products and apply make-up to customers; may specialize in applying makeup to models or other individuals for special occasions.
  • Electrologists remove unwanted hair permanently from client's face or body using needle only specialized electrical hair removal equipment, laser and other equipment.
  • Manicurists and pedicurists clean, shape and polish fingernails and toenails and provide related treatments.
  • Scalp treatment specialists apply medicated lotions to treat scalp conditions and hair loss.
  • Tattoo artists apply permanent designs to customer's skin, using electric needles and chemical dyes; may also apply temporary designs to customer's skin.
  • Hair replacement technicians (non-medical) prepare and apply custom-made hair pieces to customer's scalp, weave customer's hair to hair pieces and provide scalp treatments


Hair Stylist

Hairstylists perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Suggest hair style compatible with client's physical features or determine style from client's instructions and preferences
  • Cut, trim, taper, curl, wave, perm and style hair
  • Apply bleach, tints, dyes or rinses to colour, frost or streak hair
  • Analyze hair and scalp condition and provide basic treatment or advice on beauty care treatments for scalp and hair
  • Clean and style wigs and hair pieces
  • Apply hair extensions
  • May shampoo and rinse hair
  • May perform receptionist duties and order supplies
  • May judge in competitions
  • May train or supervise other hairstylists, hairstylist apprentices and helpers

Barbers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Cut and trim hair according to client's instructions or preferences
  • Shave and trim beards and moustaches
  • May shampoo hair and provide other hair treatment, such as waving, straightening and tinting and may also provide scalp conditioning massages
  • May book appointments and order supplies
  • May train and supervise other barbers and barber apprentices


  • Musicians play one or more instruments as soloists or as members of a musical group before audiences or for recording purposes
  • Singers sing musical arrangements as soloists or as members of vocal groups before audiences or for recording purposes
  • Teachers of music or voice teach technique, interpretation and music theory to students through private or group lessons

Musicians and singers usually specialize in specific types of music such as classical, country, ethnic, jazz, opera or popular music.

Photography and Photojournalism

  • Study requirements of a particular assignment and decide on type of camera, film, lighting and background accessories to be used
  • Determine picture composition, make technical adjustments to equipment and photograph subject
  • May operate scanners to transfer photographic images to computers
  • May operate computers to manipulate photographic images
  • May adapt existing photographic images and create new digitized images to be included in multimedia/newmedia products
  • May use delicate instruments, such as optical microscopes attached to cameras
  • May process exposed film
  • May use airbrush, computer or other techniques to retouch negatives
  • Medical photographers may work closely with medical illustrators

Photographers may specialize in areas such as portrait photography, commercial photography, scientific photography, forensic photography, medical photography, digitized photography, multimedia photography or photojournalism.

Producer/Director/Film Studies

Film Studies
  • Film, radio and television producers plan, organize and control the various stages and scheduling involved in the production of presentations, motion pictures, television shows and radio programs; engage directors and other production personnel and supervise all technical personnel, and determine the treatment, scope and scheduling of production; maintain production archives and negotiate royalties
  • Directors interpret scripts and direct the mise-en-scène; select and direct the actors, extras and technical crew; advise the cast and crew on the interpretation and delivery of the performance; direct rehearsals, filmings, broadcasts and performances; and confer with crew and specialists throughout production and post-production to achieve desired presentation
  • Choreographers create dances for film, theatre and television performances that convey stories, ideas and moods, and direct rehearsals for dancers to achieve desired interpretation
  • Art directors plan, organize and direct the artistic aspects of motion pictures, stage productions and television shows by overseeing the design of sets, costumes, furnishings and props to create portrayals of period and setting
  • Film editors edit motion picture film and arrange film segments into sequences to achieve continuity and desired dramatic, comedic and thematic effects
  • Record producers plan and co-ordinate the production of musical recordings, direct musicians and singers during rehearsals and recordings and manage technicians involved in duplicating, dubbing and mastering of recordings
  • Directors of photography co-ordinate and direct the photography of motion pictures, supervise camera operators and other crews and determine lighting, lenses, camera angles, backgrounds and other elements to achieve desired visual effect

Theatre Arts Assistant

  • Become familiar with procedures and policies in newspaper and publishing firms, in film, theatre, record and video production companies, and in radio and television stations
  • Help plan and maintain production schedules for publications, films, broadcasts, and theatre, record and video productions
  • Learn to prepare and control budgets
  • Observe consultations with government regulatory agencies to evaluate and review programs and policies to ensure conformance to regulations
  • Familiarize self with steps involved in the development of articles, books, films, broadcasts, musical recordings and theatre productions, and liaise with authors, composers, producers and directors

Golf Course Assistant

  • Help plan and carry out recreational and athletic golf activities
  • Assemble supplies and sports and tournament equipment
  • Observe golf demonstrations in regards to techniques
  • Assist in instructing groups and individuals in golf activities and lead groups and individuals in recreational or leisure programs
  • Help attend to clients with special needs
  • Provide lifestyle awareness information
  • Learn how to conduct therapeutic recreational or athletic activities
  • Help monitor recreational, sports or fitness activities to ensure safety and observe how to provide emergency or first aid assistance when required
  • Enforce safety rules and regulations
  • Assist with co-ordination of special events
  • Help with the scheduling of activities, keep logs, maintain records and prepare reports