There is a famous quote by St. Augustine that has inspired thousands of people to travel the world and experience something they never had before. “The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page.” Most people travel abroad for enrichment, relaxation or business. However, for a student starting off in their desired profession, an internship abroad provides international experience that is necessary to building a successful career. For 23-year-old Judit Castellvi, travelling from Barcelona, Spain to Toronto, Canada for an internship gave her the opportunity to start a new, career-changing, chapter in her life.

The City of Barcelona, Spain is known for its outstandingly unique and vibrant architecture. Having grown up in a city with beautifully structured and exceptionally designed buildings, Judit began to develop a strong passion for building engineering. This interest is what led her to obtaining a Degree in Building Engineering at the Escola Politecnica Superior de Barcelona (The School of Building Construction of Barcelona), where she studied Building Installations, Urban Management, Building Health and Safety as well as graphic expression programs such as Autocad and 3D Max.

Judit loved what she was learning and even extended her studies at the University, but she knew something was missing. Even though Judit had received a great education, she had yet to find any work. She decided it was time to do something that would separate her from her peers. That’s when Judit’s idea to study and work abroad began to take flight. Soon after making her decision, she packed her bags and headed to Toronto, Canada where she would experience a new culture, improve her English skills and most importantly, pursue an internship with an Architectural firm.

After arriving in Toronto, Judit met her host family who helped her find an international school where she was able to meet new friends and improve her English.

Although Judit was enjoying her time in Toronto, she still was not getting the building engineering experience she thrived for. However, all that changed when the school she was attending placed her in contact with International Career Studies (ICS).

International Career Studies arranged an internship opportunity for Judit, at an Architectural firm that she is extremely grateful to have received.

“I started my internship after Christmas and from the very first moment I began, my colleagues at the office were so nice to me,” recalls Judit. “I was doing important tasks such as designing a 3D penthouse as well as developing 2D building models. I really felt important and useful.”

Judit was also able to work side by side with the rest of the people in her office. One person who helped her tremendously was her Supervisor, who was able to provide her with on-site experiences by taking her to a construction site where she could see first-hand how various designs and models were to be executed.

“I will never regret this experience,” says Judit. “It helped me to improve my English, to show courage and confront difficult situations, and to improve upon my experience in the Building Engineering area.”

Judit now has a full-time job in Barcelona at an international engineering company called BAC Engineering Consultancy Group. Judit is very thankful to International Career Studies for helping her to jump-start her career. If you would like to start a new chapter in your life let International Career Studies help you to turn the page for your future.