When our daughter informed us that she wanted to complete her two month internship in Isla de la Juventud – Cuba, we were very wary, because it would`ve been her first trip in a foreign country without her family.

When the procedures began, our worries diminished considerably. When she arrived to destination, our daughter received all the aid and support promised by International Career Studies: she was welcomed between the flights from Havana to Nueva Gerona, as well as being housed. ICS organized everything to ensure a smooth process.

As parents, we were very pleased with all the support that our daughter is receiving during her internship. We know that an entire team is making sure to take good care of the students and to help them feel as if they were right at home. During the first week, we also communicated with Ben multiple times, which reassured us that everything was going well.

All parents worry about their children, regardless of age, but thanks to this team, there were no problems whatsoever. Furthermore, some procedures are ongoing to allow Alexandra`s father to join her during her last week of internship. We recommend ICS` services without hesitation!

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