Are you an employer that is looking to hire? Consider investing in an intern. Hiring an intern is beneficial to both your company and your industry as a whole whether you are located in Canada or abroad.

Interns are often recent college and university graduates who are motivated and excited about getting into the workforce and making an impact on their chosen field. They are ambitious and eager to do any task in order to get work experience under their belt. These students understand the benefits of receiving hands-on training to round out their education.

Offering either an unpaid or a paid internship position within your company is a great way to recruit new talent to your team. You have the opportunity to train and mentor someone new to the industry and the potential to shape them into an employee who will be of value to your business. Your industry as a whole will also benefit from your decision to take on an intern as you will become a part of training the next generation of skilled workers in your field.

When you choose to become a part of International Career Studies internship program as an employer, you will be matched with qualified interns and be given support during the hiring process. Our international clients are eager to learn and offer a chance to promote international goodwill and diversity within your workplace. Inquire today about getting involved to see if we have a match for you.

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