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top 5 reasons to participate in an international internship

  1. Develop and demonstrate your ability to adapt to diverse working conditions
  2. Learn and develop alternative methodologies within your career field
  3. Become familiar with a new language and culture
  4. Build an international network
  5. Be in demand in an increasingly global marketplace


Today, an international internship is the tool most used by students and career professionals to boost their resumé, marketability and employment opportunities.  International co-ops and work programs abroad tell employers, colleges and universities that you are well-rounded, adaptable, not afraid of new environments, and that you can offer a different and valuable perspective.  These are attributes that all post-secondary schools are looking for in their students, and all businesses, even small, local ones, are looking for in their employees today in order to compete in an increasingly globalized marketplace. Moreover, travelling abroad for an internship offers you the opportunity to learn and develop alternative work methodologies within your career field, become familiar with a new language and culture, and build an international network.

International Career Studies internships cover everything including accommodations, meals, insurance, and in-country support over the course of your entire program. Wherever we have internship opportunities, we have a team of local, trusted professionals who coordinate and monitor your programming, so that you get the most out of your internship or co-op experience.

Choose among any of our listed internship opportunities or tell us what kind of internship you’re looking for and we can customize one to meet your unique requirements.

Special Opportunities

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